Website and Database Debugging

Website broken, slow, buggy, unfinished?

I specialize in maintaining, upgrading, debugging, and fixing web sites, especially PHP and MySQL. I can usually sort out domain name registration issues, DNS, email, and Linux/Unix system administration. I’ve done quite a few integration projects hooking up legacy code to web applications.

When you’ve been told by other programmers that you have to throw it all away and start over let me have a look. I don’t charge if I can’t make things better.

Stuck on PHP 5.x?

If your website can't run on PHP 7.x then you're in trouble. Look at PHP Supported Versions page and see where you stand. If your website can only run on an unsupported PHP version then it's susceptible to perfomance and security bugs. I can help upgrade your website to run in a PHP 7.x environment.

Moving to the Cloud?

I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Wrapping your head around EC2, RDS, ELB and a list of other Amazon accronyms can be intimidating. I can help you move your application from an on-premise or shared host onto Amazons cloud platform. I also specialize in building scalable, redundant and high availability applications.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
Certification Date Feb 2017 – Feb 2019 License AWS-ASA-32304